Answers to our Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I book a private charter?

Absolutely! Private charters can be booked right here online or by calling (808)667-2133 7am-7pm HST

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes! Gift certificates are right on our website, just click the Book Now button.

Is there parking nearby?

Yes but it can be limited so please give extra time to find a  spot. We recommend the free 3-hour parking lot at the corner of Front and Prison Streets, or any  pay parking lots on our area.

Where do you check in?

Guests should check-in right at Slip #6 which is our booth in Lahaina Harbor.

Are there life-jackets on-board? do I have to wear them?

Our boat is US Coast Guard certified and has life jackets on board for every passenger. However, the US Coast Guard does not recommend wearing one during the trip unless there is an emergency.

Can I bring food or drinks on-board?

We do allow water or other drinks just make sure it has a secure lid. Also you are welcome to bring a snack on the vessel as well.

Is there a bathroom on the boat?

No, but there is a public bathroom less than 100 yards from our booth at the harbor, and we suggest using this before or after your trip if necessary.

Are strollers allowed on the boat?

No. Due to United States Coast Guard fire code all strollers of any size are not allowed. You can park a stroller at our slip, just ask the check in representative for more information.

Is the boat accessible for wheelchairs?

The Coast Guard does not permit wheelchairs on the boat.  Boarding involves just a few steps and then there are 9 steps down in the cabin. Please note it’s not a ladder, but more like regular stairs in a house, and there’s a handrail. Feel free to call if you would like more information.

Are tours suitable for pregnant women?

There are no restrictions on pregnant women attending our trips.

May I take pictures on the tour?

Yes! Our guests get some great pictures and we love it.

This photo was taken by a guest.

What should I bring onto the boat?

You don’t need to bring much as the trip is easy and fun. But we suggest bringing a camera and perhaps sunscreen with you. Even though you’ll likely be inside our cabin most of the time, many people like to spend time on deck too, especially on the way back. So bring some sun protection if you think you’ll need it.

Are their any rules regarding age or height?

No! This is a great activity for everybody. We once had five generations of the same family on a tour. Reduced price tickets are available for children ages under 12 years old. Please note that due to US Coast Guard rules all children are required to have a ticket, so please be sure that all members of your group are accounted for.

Are tours cancelled due to weather?

The weather is very reliable in Lahaina and it almost never rains, so this is not something to really worry about. You spend your time in the protected cabin and out of the rain! The fish don’t know it’s raining. In the event of severe or unsafe weather conditions, the Reefdancer team would make the decision whether to cancel the trip and notify all ticket-holders.

Which tour is best?

Every time we go out it’s different, so we suggest you pick whatever day and time works best for your schedule.
What type of wildlife will we see?
Our trips explore the real underwater world and not an aquarium. We’ll always see the coral, and whatever fish and other creatures are around. Our divers also bring critters right to the window, and we often see turtles and even octopus.

Is sea sickness common on tours?

The Reefdancer travels in calm protected waters, though everyone is different. If you have had issues with sea sickness in the past we recommend taking the steps you would normally take for boating.

What is the tour route?

One of the only barrier reefs in Maui is located just about a mile from the harbor along the Lahaina coast. It’s off what’s called Baby Beach, a great beach for the family, but the barrier reef gives us a place for a great underwater view without being near the swimmers.

What kind of boat is the Reefdancer?

The Reefdancer is a semi-submersible which means half of the boat is always above the water and the other half is always below.  Guests can sit in the underwater viewing cabin and view the reef and it’s inhabitants or sit up on the top deck and enjoy the beautiful views of Maui from the water.

Is pre-purchasing tickets a requirement?

We highly recommend you purchase tickets in advance, as cruises do sell out. To maximize the chances of getting the day and time you prefer, please book well in advance! Just click on the Book Online Now! button for our latest availability.