You must be thinking of spending your vacation in the pacific. Hawaii is one of the trendy spots to go to. Aside from its renowned surfing spots with its lush coconut trees combined with its breathtaking beaches that just sit beside the downtown of Honolulu, they also offer a unique underwater experience for all beautiful souls! With that, you can’t miss the Reef Dancer adventure once you get right into the islands of Hawaii! So, voyage with us as we take you on a literal fun summer adventure on the coast of Maui with our semi-submarine tours! 

What about Reef Dancer and our Semi-Submarine Tours in Maui?

Kolea Charters of Lahaina Inc brought this unique fellow in for the first time into existence to cater to the public’s satisfaction. It gives everybody the most comfortable way to enjoy the picturesque views of the marine world without actually diving right underwater. Furthermore, the Reef Dancer, started operation 30 years ago and has been making people all over the globe happy with our excellent offers! So you can be sure you can trust our experience.

So, what’s more to know?

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

Best believe you are in good hands with our cozy and spacious cabin, where divers, narrators, and pretty much the whole team going with you. There’s always someone to bond with, ask questions to, and ask a hand from. You won’t miss a thing through the big windows and thus, everything will always be worth it all throughout the 75-minute underwater tour through these semi-submarine tours in Maui.

Age Doesn’t Matter

Who says this leisure activity is for kids? Adults and senior citizens can ease up their stress and take a rest from their responsibilities all throughout the vacation! Everyone can benefit from the comfort built into this fun semi-submarine tour in Maui. Just simply lounge up in the cabin and call it a day! Just don’t forget to buckle up and snap pictures with your loved ones. It’s one of the best experiences to reminisce about one day. Kids? Adults? Grandparents? Everyone’s in for this impeccable thing!

See The Colorful Wonders

What makes the whole experience worth it is the vivid view of the marine life, which fills up your eyes with colorful fishes of different types and the eye-catching architecture of coral reefs underwater. You would get reminded about how beautiful mother nature is. This 75-minute semi-submarine tour makes sure that you can get the best chance to discover a lot of good stuff that you don’t usually see on a daily basis. Indeed, wonderful creations are everywhere as you travel along the sea. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the unique fish which inhabit the area. It’s no tongue twister, but its name is Humuhumunukuapua’a.

Why Reef Dancer?

Reef Dancer won various awards in this lifetime and even got the chance to be featured in a known news show. One of our notable awards is Best Underwater Viewing in Maui. It’s more than leisure time. It’s also an educational experience for every individual who wants to know more about marine life and as well as avid fans of everything marine. More importantly, there are a lot of hidden gems and magic to discover, learn and witness in this world we don’t belong to.

Why don’t you let your friends, colleagues, and loved ones know about this awesome marine adventure? It’s something that you can look forward to before you book a flight. What’s in store for your travel plans? 

Reef Dancer awaits for you to experience everything we offer! If you wish to contact us, please check out our page and join us on our next semi-submarine tour in Maui!