Treat yourself to the ever majestic beauty of Maui with a boat tour with your family and friends. Enjoy an action-packed family tour with Reef Dancer. We have the best tours that you will surely love during your stay on the island, making the whole experience worthy of your time and money. So ready your clothes and stuff, and book any of the Maui boat tours today!

Maui Semi-Sub Tours

There is no denying that underwater viewing is such a fun activity to do. You can take a look at the beautiful creatures of the sea up close without going into the water. This submarine tour is definitely a once in a lifetime experience that is worth investing in.

Tour features

To enjoy a full underwater Maui boat tours experience, we made sure that everything is set for you. We have designed an ultimate underwater viewing adventure and dive show that is out of the ordinary. That said, here are some of the features that you can enjoy throughout the tour.

Air conditioned underwater cabin

There is no better way to experience the whole tour than having a fully air conditioned underwater cabin. It has the right ventilation which keeps a pleasant temperature inside the area even for a long period of time.

Window seats for everyone

One of the best spots in an underwater touring experience is the window seat. During the tour, everyone has the opportunity to take a look at the beautiful view underwater and just casually curl up in their designated seat. Also, the cabin is spacious enough to accommodate a huge number of people on board. 

Dive show

Have you ever seen someone hold a sea creature under the sea? If not then this one of a kind Maui boat tour is a must have. Divers bring amazing marine creatures to your window, giving you the chance to take a snap or better look of the breathtaking ocean and marine life.

Free fish chart

Aside from the reef viewing and dive show, you can also get a free fish chart during the trip. We can provide you with the basic details of the many fishes in the Hawaiian ocean, especially the state fish of the country, the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a.

Tour prices

Thinking about trying an underwater viewing tour that is fun and affordable? Reef Dancer offers three prices for interested individuals wanting to experience what it feels like to immerse in underwater life without getting wet. . That said, here are the prices for the tour. 

  • Adults $44.95 (regular rate $49.95) + tax
  • Kids 4-12 $19.95 (regular rate $21.95) + tax
  • Kids 0-3 $4.95 (regular rate $5.95) + tax

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